Ghica Popa
Ghica Popa is a visual artist.
Having already worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, Ghica made his mark through his unique style and distinctive aesthetic, that encompass his love for vintage futuristic cars, science fiction films, Lego sets. His work is influenced as well by various art movements, including cubism, suprarealism and pop-art, to which he adds various themes from his interest list, creating a one of a kind world of boxy vehicles and quirky characters.
He stayed true to his individualistic aesthetics over the years, and his work reached a global dimension, catching the attention of many brands, magazines, news outlets, art projects and advertisers.
He collaborates with clients from all over the world, and has worked for Nike, Gucci, Puma, Casio G-shock, Saucony, Jordan, DC Shoes, Ray-Ban, Burn Energy Drink, Unicredit, Bic, ebay, Pepsi and Samsung.
He also worked with some of the best sneaker stores in the world, like Footpatrol London / Paris, Overkill Berlin, Titolo Zurich, Yamaotoko Tokyo and Special Sneaker Club from Milan.
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